IF THE PDP MUST BREATHE AGAIN: By Dr. Onyekanankea Patrick

In the very recent time, the PDP has witnessed a very big tsunami which has seen it fall ungraciously from being the largest party in Africa to now an opposition party that controls eleven states, out of the 36 states of the federation.



The dwindling fortune of our party and the fall of its Olympian height is attributed to the lack of internal democracy that is pervasive at all levels of administration of the party affairs.

Many of our party faithful had lamented the PDP, including some of its founding fathers had abandoned the party over issues bordering on internal democracy and lack of level playing field for members who have one form of political ambition or another. Its either they are denied or frustrated from the party. Indiscipline, lack of cohesion, impunity amongst its leaders became the Oder of the day.

The results of this situation was a detachment from the masses by the pseudo elected public office holders, who held and used their privileged office for personal benefits and not for the common good of the people. Our great party gradually and steadily began to assume anti people’s posture. Having systematically conquered the electoral space, the real effort to get elected shifted to the internal process of the party (primaries). Thus began an internal struggle for control of party structures by various actors within the party. This bitter struggled had degenerated into a situation where “THE PDP WAS THE ONLY OPPOSITION TO PDP” Their became enthroned, a several lack of internal democracy, characterized by imposition of candidates by dubious self –seeking to self-preserving processes

In the ensuing struggle within the party, only the weak and not the fittest survived.

The strongest and fittest could not be trusted to be loyal and given control of the party structures to the chagrin of the time tested politicians. Dissenting voices where not tolerated any more. Sycophancy, bootlicking and songs of praises was rewarded handsomely. Truth, sincerity of purpose and fidelity to party members took flight from the PDP. Gradually and stead lily, the strong politicians began to leave the PDP to join and energize the almost non existing opposition parties.

The story of Aniocha south PDP is not different. The reincarnation of indiscipline, lawlessness, imposition of candidate , lack of cohesion , lack of internal democracy has seen an exodus of valuable party members and leaders quit the once flourishing party , leaving the party sickly and malnourished.

A few months ago the news of Chief Adingupu’s defection to the ruling APC greeted some of with surprise and dampened our moral. Hon. Adingupu was not just anybody but a war horse when it comes to political battles. Surprisingly, some leaders played down his importance but a very big vacuum was left in Aniocha south PDP as the strong man of Ubulu-unor left us.

Just before we recovered from the Exit of the colossus, Chief Adingupu, another earthquake came, this time; it’s the defection of Dr. Tony Felix Nwaka to the rulling APC. Although this did not come as a surprise going by the mannerism and self play God attitude of some of the people close to the governor. Dr. Tony Nwaka with his credentials, experience , pedigree and of course his sagacity no doubt will have also been missed but by the PDP but thank Gos he came back.. These are indeed indeed signals for my party, the PDP. These defections keeps reducing our dimensions, rank and files but keep strengthening our greatest and most feistiest rival, the APC.

In the coming weeks and months, there will appear to be feverish efforts and activities geared towards the 2019 elections.

The PDP in Aniocha south will aim for victory but victory only come to those who plans and keep their house in order. An approach that deciphers the following questions : How did the party got it wrong, what where the failure factors, how do we correct those factors from playing out , how do we win back the people’s confidence , how has the attitude of the leaders in power helped in the party, how do we improve the existing structure and functionality.

I beg home to elucidate that the Aniocha south PDP in the last three years have seen the emergence of some powerful power brokers who arrogated so much power to themselves to the chagring of other non privileged leaders to get an appointment. Names like Chief Emma Ejiofor, Chief Clem. Ofuani of Ubulu okiti, prince Newton Izediunor are almost forgotten. The brokers hold this power so tightly and closely to themselves but forgot that when too many hands protect a treasury, the enemy cannot make an encroachment. A few persons don’t win a war.

The emergence of Sir Abu Ndekwu, the current party Chairman who lost his unit and ward to the opposition in the last local government election was a case study of the inherent effect of imposition of stooges and their deadly tendencies. One such was exacerbated in the last local Government election , the APC even without much activities pull some stunts. These are indeed worrying times.

If the PDP must breathe in Aniocha south, the governor and political actors within the party must sacrifice egocentrism, imposition of candidates, tilted zoning arrangements with ulterior self motives that will keep us at a disadvantage position, political office delivery must become our vision and the empowerment of party faithful over the empowerment of leaders family.

If the PDP must breathe again, the purported zoning of the house assembly to Chief Austin Chikezie by some powerful forces and also with the attachment to have come from the Governor’s maternal town is one that must be done with caution. This clandestine move will be running against the forces of nature like: popularity and voting strength. The ripples that will be derived might further send our party to full fledge stroke.

IF the PDP must breathe again, where is ogwashi uku positioned in the scheme of things, considering our strength, financial clout , unity as a kingdom.

Who are the beneficiaries of this government? An indebt analysis shows that in terms of appointments both at the party and political appointments, the Ogwashi uku has benefited less in this administration o than the previous administrations of Governor Ibori and Uduaghan. ( In due time I shall itemize the offices and appointments held by the Ogwashi uku people at that time) and the question remains: Has the PDP constitution changed?

The political actors and those close to the governor need not be told that in the immediate time past, the Ogwashi uku kingdom was a constituency on its own why the Nsukwa and Ubulu clans were on their own, as I remembered clearly that Hon Rose Utomi was the house of Assembly person representing Ogwash uku constituency why that of Enuani ; Nsukwa and Ubulu clan was hon. Joe Adigwe from isheagu. The seeming political scheme and Ogwashi uku docility led to ogwashi uku being shortchanged and merged with Ubulu and Nsukwa clans to become one constituency. Notwithstanding, the Ogwashi uku has always shown its strength when it matters most and should be placed where it belongs. Isoko south whose constituency were deleted the same time with Ogwashi uku constituency has already gotten there's restored.

IF the PDP must breathe again, our leaders must begin to see the follows as humans and not animals, they must empower and not impoverish, they must give political delivery and not self enrichment, they must allow democracy and nor demonstration of craze in handpicking and selection of weak candidates and most importantly it must set up a genuine reconciliation team and its leaders must be selfless and show some sacrifice.

Dr. Onyekanankea Patrick writes from Ogwashi uku.