NDI-AZUNGWU OGWASHI,(The People Of Azungwu Ogwashi-Uku): By Chris Okafor

The Azungwu people can be described as all those living behind the great ‘Ngwu Tree’, and about ½ kilometre to late Obi’s palace. Ngwu is a tree of spiritual importance by which a highly spirited charm had been planted since the founding of the kingdom dynasty to protect the reigning monarch from internal and external hostility and aggression.

Azungwu people of Ogwashi-Uku kingdom are mostly politically averse kinsmen but are given much to force temperament, war and impatience. They are, however, faithful to the core, which makes them committed to good causes to the end.

All monarchs and reigns have depended much on the protective prowess and defence power of the Azungwu people for survival. Throughout the history of Ogwashi-Uku kingdom, there has been no record of a king being failed either in his personal defence or that of his domain. Most of the time, the sanctity of the Ogwashi Uku’s territorial integrity remained intact.

It is not without an iota of pretence therefore, that the defence or war portfolio known as ODOGWU has, for all time, been held by Ogbe-Odogwu people of Azungwu, though under the powerful Odafe Ogwashi.

The social structure of the Azungwu society consists of three major kindred under three main distinctive family organizational configurations. There are in order of pro-eminence; Isiokwe, Ogbe-Odogwu and Ogbe-Alio, which hold the chieftaincy titles of ODAFE (a title earned because of people’s valour), ODOGWU and INWAGWE respectively. Other villages in Azungwu includes Umu-uzu, Umu-Ochele, Umu-logai, Idimu-Ubulu, and Umu-ohei.

The three arms of the society, as it stands today, gave equally to the defence mechanism with which Ogwashi-Uku as a kingdom has thrived profoundly.

There is, indeed a myth about Azungwu people; real or imagined. For everyone in the kingdom, the people of Azungwu are constantly under the control and influence of the water goddess, Obida or Ngene streams both of which flow from one to the other, and are located on their farmlands.

Superstition is rife that every person born of Azungwu parentage bears a kind of spirit which is responsible for their being violent, forceful, strong, adventurous, and war-mongering. They are mostly feared by all and sundry in the kingdom.