David Moyes plans to make West Ham players work until they cry

Asked why he had “mellowed” at Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland, after his success at first Preston and then over 11 years at Everton, Moyes said: “I think it is much harder to be the way I was. The way players are. They cannot take… I would not say the hairdryer treatment. I don’t think they are as accepting and maybe different influences from different countries. Maybe a different culture and in how they expect it. But I am in a bit of rush and I will say ‘if you don’t like it, sorry’. We might need to upset a few to get where we need to go.”

Moyes certainly sounded like a man in a hurry, having signed a contract until the end of the season, with the option to extend for two more years. He knows, also, that West Ham are willing to consider other candidates next summer and that he needs to get results quickly to pull the club out of the relegation zone and – crucially – win over supporters underwhelmed by his appointment and frustrated with the owners.

Inevitably Moyes was asked about the so-called “West Ham Way” – a question that Sam Allardyce, his friend, and a former West Ham manager he had spoken to before taking the job, had tripped up on with the perceived style of football. But Moyes said: “I remember Sam saying ‘what was the West Ham Way’ at some point. I do think the first thing to do is ‘let’s get a winning formula and find a way to win’. I do want to win with attacking football but ultimately we have to win. I look forward to reaching the standards expected here.”

Moyes drew a parallel between his new club and Everton and spoke of his experiences, also, at managing as the opposition at Upton Park.

“Definitely, coming to Upton Park, you were nearly ‘feart’ (afraid), if you understand what that means it is a Scottish word – feart – because you knew what was coming. I don’t see why it should be any different (at the London Stadium). Yes, different surrounds, but it should not be any different. That’s the way we want it to be.”